The baby development is continiuing and baby is now well moved. He punches, he kicks. It responds to loud stimuli from outside and bright light. The sleeping pattern is settled.

Baby development: 

26. Week

The second trimester of pregnancy is about to end. The excitement of birth begins. Shopping is done for the baby whose gender has been determined. Since the expectant mother now gains 7-10 kg, she has difficulty in her movements.

During this period, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition. The baby’s needs will increase as the baby grows bigger and its internal organs are gradually activated. The discomfort of the growing abdomen increases. Light exercises such as walking are beneficial during this period.

Controls should not be neglected in terms of pregnancy poisoning (preeclampsia). In addition, birth preparation controls are also carried out. The expectant mother may have false labor pains. It can create the excitement of the birth. Lying position is important for the baby.

The baby development is continiuing and baby is now well moved. He punches, he kicks. It responds to loud stimuli from outside and bright light. The sleeping pattern is settled.

The baby’s heartbeat decreases slightly compared to previous weeks. The baby is prepared for the external environment with the heart as well as with all its organs.

The baby continues to open and close its eyes.

The lung continues to develop. Amniotic fluid flows in and out of the lungs. Adequate amount of this in the lungs is important for postpartum lung functions.

In case of premature birth for any reason, the chance of survival of the baby is low. However, the chances of survival increase in intensive care conditions.

The baby is now 34 cm tall and weighs 900 grams.

Week 27

With this week, the second trimester is completed. She continues to gain weight. Breathing becomes difficult. Varicose veins can be disturbing. There may be nosebleeds. In this period, it is important not to interrupt the controls, regular exercises, walks, nutrition control. Supplementary products can be taken in line with the recommendations of the following healthcare team. Birth is very close.

Even though the baby’s lungs, brain and digestive system organs are not yet fully mature and continue their development, they are still functioning.

The heart beats less than in previous weeks. It is around 140 beats per minute.

Body proportions are roughly complete. Although muscle development continues, it has now reached a good level.

Lungs continue to mature. However, as amniotic fluid continues to enter and exit the lungs, it becomes more ready for adaptation to the external environment. In intensive care conditions, the chance of living outside increases even more.

The baby is mobile. He continues to blink. He is startled by a sudden sound. Responds to the sounds of the expectant mother with her movements. Hiccups may occur due to swallowing amniotic fluid.

The baby is now 36 cm and weighs 1000 grams.

28. Week 

The last three months of pregnancy have been entered. The excitement of birth has increased. Preparations are made according to the gender of the baby. It is seen that the belly of the expectant mother has grown well. The placenta has now grown below the pregnant woman’s ribs. This sometimes makes it difficult to breathe. Edema may be seen in the legs due to pressure on the surrounding blood vessels. Varices can cause problems. The expectant mother may complain of heartburn. Sometimes there may be a complaint of constipation. During this period, it is important to pay attention to plenty of walking, drinking water and nutrition. Walking will be beneficial in terms of making the birth event easier.

It is important to monitor blood incompatibility during these weeks. The blood groups of the couples should be evaluated in terms of Rh incompatibility. Another important point is gestational diabetes. Testing is recommended even if expectant mothers have normal pre-pregnancy blood glucose levels or do not have any complaints, signs or symptoms related to diabetes. Diabetes test is important in terms of gestational diabetes, which can be seen in pregnant women, which causes difficult delivery, large birth of the baby and some problems in the baby due to diabetes after birth.

The baby continues to develop well. Vision improves considerably. Eyebrows and eyelashes are formed. Blinks can be seen outside of sleep. It reacts to the light coming from outside.

Brain tissue continues to develop. Lobes and channels in the brain are forming. Heartbeats are strengthened. Heartbeats can be heard externally with a stethoscope.

The baby is gaining weight. Its height is 38 cm, and its weight has reached 1200 grams. It is quite mobile. Depending on the mother’s position, sitting or staying, different degrees of movement can be felt. Sucking motion is common. He spends most of his time outside of sleep sucking or playing with the umbilical cord. It grabs the umbilical cord and wraps it around your arm, leg or neck. This situation does not cause any problems for the baby for now, it is normal.

The baby’s fat tissue is increasing under the skin. Now the thin, transparent image has disappeared.

29. Week

The end of pregnancy is approaching. In addition to the excitement of birth, there may be discomfort caused by increased weight. Depending on the pressure on the surrounding vascular structure, edema develops, swelling may occur in the feet. It becomes difficult to breathe. Depending on the pressure of the uterus on the digestive and excretory system, heartburn, constipation, gas accumulation may occur. It is one of the usual complaints of pregnancy.

The baby is quite active. Just like the sleeping pattern, their movements are settled in a certain order. The expectant mother can now predict when her baby will sleep and when she will be active. It can be a problem to stay still during the period when he should be awake and active. You have to be careful.

The baby is now preparing himself for the external environment. The lungs are well developed. In case of premature birth for any reason, it is more resistant to the external environment, the chance of self-breathing increases, but it is still not ready for it.

The baby’s head is also expanding to accommodate the growing brain tissues. Muscle and bone structure is more developed compared to the previous weeks.

The baby is now 38 cm tall and weighs 1350 grams.